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Welcome to Sanyra Hospital, a Multi-Speciality hospital in Kengeri, Bangalore. We have multi deciplinary services to help people with different health needs. Our hospital has a special department for urology, which helps people with problems in their urinary system. We also have the Outpatient Department, where you can get medical help without staying in the hospital. Our 24/7 Emergency Wing is open to help you and ambulance services. We also have a pharmacy where you can get the medicine your doctor prescribes. We have a diagnostic lab facilities such as blood test, ECG, Scanning, X-ray, and, Ultrasound ensuring the fast diagnosis.

The Sanyra Hospital, a Multi-Speciality hospital in Kengeri,  Bangalore has a dedicated unit for dialysis, a special space for people who need assistance with their kidneys. Our hospital has many doctors who specialize in different areas. We have doctors who are experts in caring for hearts, kidneys, bones, general health, women’s health, children’s health, and stomach issues.

Our dedicated dialysis unit recognizes the crucial need for kidney care and provides specialized services for individuals facing kidney-related issues. Our team of dedicated professionals ensures a comfortable and safe environment for patients requiring dialysis treatments. Sanyra Hospital is dedicated to giving thorough, compassionate, and high-quality healthcare. We prioritize ensuring each person gets the best care for their health needs. We care about your health and have many ways to help you feel better.

Our Specialties

Our Exceptional expertise and specialties at Sanyra Hospital



internal medicine

Internal Medicine

laparoscopic surgeries

Laparoscopic Surgery


Gynecology & Obstetrics











kidney transplant

Kidney Transplantation

plastic surgery

Plastic & Reconstruction



Meet Our Specialist

Meet our exceptional team of specialists. Experienced, expertise, and compassionate care. 

Dr. Rajendra Prasad KN


Dr. Prathiba

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr. SM Prasad

Internal Medicine

Dr. Nithin NJ


Dr. Sahana VV


Dr. Dharshan MN

Internal Medicine

Dr. Gnandev N c


Dr. Abhishek

Plastic and Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Rohith Krishnappa

Medical Gastroenterology

Dr. Kishore Keerthi


Dr. Santhosh Raj

General Surgery

Dr. Ujjwal


Dr. Shivaswamy BM


Dr. Yadenthira Babu


free urology treatment under ayushman bharath

Free Treatment for Urological Conditions

Get Free Treatment under the BPL (Ayushman Bharath) scheme at Sanyra Hospital

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Medical Care 24/7

With access to 24 hour emergency assistance, It’s so important you can continue to help others.

Amenities in Sanyra Hospital

Modern amenities at Sanyra Hospital include comfortable rooms, advanced technology, & compassionate care.

Intensive care

Live saving expertise & advanced technology dedicated to critical patients well-being & recovery.


Reliable support & assistance are available round the clock, ensuring, peace of mind & well-being

Lab & Diagnosis

Accurate, timely lab & diagnostics services for precise health assessment, diagnosis, & monitoring.

Ambulance Car

Fast, reliable ambulance services for immediate medical assistance when every second counts. Your safety is our priority.


Convenient, reliable pharmacy services, providing expert medication guidance and access to a wide range of pharmaceutical products.





Urology Hospital in Kengeri

Sanyra Hospital the best Urology Hospital in Kengeri, Bangalore. Our dedicated urology unit is known for providing the best treatment for various urological conditions, ensuring patients receive the best care using advanced technology and expertise urologist.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad KN is our highly skilled urologist, known for his experience and compassionate approach towards patients. With years of expertise, Dr. Rajendra specializes in treating a wide range of urological problems and delivering outstanding care and successful outcomes for urology treatments.

At Sanyra Hospital in Kengeri, we offer comprehensive and free urology treatments under the BPL Card and Ayushman Bharath scheme. Whether it’s addressing prostate health concerns like an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer, managing kidney stones using modern techniques, resolving bladder issues such as infections or urinary control problems, or providing specialized assistance for male infertility, our dedicated team is equipped to handle various urological challenges with precision and care. Additionally, our expertise extends to performing different urological surgeries, ranging from minimally invasive procedures to more complex operations, ensuring patients receive the most appropriate and effective treatment for their conditions.

The Sanyra Urology Hospital Hospital in Kengeri, Bangalore ensures that each patient receives personalized attention and the best quality of care throughout their treatment journey. Dr. Rajendra Prasad KN’s dedication to addressing even the most complicated urological problems makes him a trusted expert in the field. If youe are looking for urologist in Bangalore, contact Sanyra Hospital.

Patients Testimonials

I had taken treatment from sanyra Hospital for pneumonia l, Actually I went for increased creatinine and doctors here diagnosed it very well that increased creatinine is becuse of lung infection and pneumonia and especially treatment is very good and all staffs are friendly and co operative. Doctors are well trained to diagnose any disease.

George Ge

I have gone to sanyra hospital for kidney stone surgery from dr rajendra prasad. Very nice treatment and comfortable at the hospital very happy to be there. Thank u sanyra hospital doctors , staff and management for everything


I came for an emergency in the midnight around 2 am. They took very good care. I was surprised. Doctors availability, emergency care everything was good. They took immediate action. No delay at all. Decent cost. Thanks to Dr. rajendra prasad 🙏 They give priority for good service not for money. Happy to see such people. Thanks to team.

Harisankari Thiagarajan

I have consulted the physician as i am having fever and vomitting. I have been taken care by the best quality doctors and nurses in SANYRA hospital. I recommend Sanyra hospital for the better quality care and better health. It is also well renowned for urology and the hospital is not money minded. I heartly suggest SANYRA.

Ashish K Reji

I was admitted in Sanyra for 4 days as a medi buddy insurance holder. About Doctor: Dr. Darshan treated me and I havr never had a satisfying consultation and treatment before. He's the best. About hospital: Besides getting the best treatment, I must admit this is the first time going through such hassle free process for hospitalization using insurance. I have had always chosen top tier hospitals in the past but have seen torture going through all the tidious procedure for insurance and hours of wait time. First time at Sanyra it dint make me feel further sick on top of being one already. Supportive staff, very cleanly surroundings, hygienic rooms, washrooms are absolutely neat/clean. Highly recommend it!

Ratna Mangalampalli

I have consulted the physician as i am having fever and vomitting. I have been taken care by the best quality doctors and nurses in SANYRA hospital. I recommend Sanyra hospital for the better quality care and better health. It is also well renowned for urology and the hospital is not money minded. I heartly suggest SANYRA.

Ashish K Reji

Dr Rajendra Prasad k n is a Mch urologist and he is very knowledgeable person and experienced person …and my father underwent Lt DJ stetning for stone and followed by stone blast and it’s cleared .. especially dr Rajendra he is no at all money minded and he was worked in government hospital and he has done many surgeries for kidney stones .. even hospital bill is very affordable rate not too expensive….hospital staff is very co operative …he is not just a mbbs doctor he has done HIS MS GENERAL SURGERY FROM GOA MEDICAL COLLEGE AND Mch from INU VICTORIA BANGALORE… I can suggest this is very good hospital for even poor patient

Chandra Shetty

Amazing hospital staff and Dr.Rajendra Prasad Sir is highly efficient and professional in urology, he can handle several critical cases , nursing services are also professional, highly recommendable and the highlight of the hospital is it's hygiene , really impressed a lot by their hospitality , well equipped and sophisticated laboratory.

Srinivasa K

A wonderful hospital with very co operative staff and very convincing and caring doctors..I got admitted for severe chills and high fever..I never expected this kind of friendly and homely staff..Dr Rajendra and Dr Darshan are amazing and out of this world.. among so many money mided and selfish doctors I have come across...let their families stay happy forever 🤞I had been admitted to so many hospitals before..but never experienced such a friendly atmosphere..I am recovering.. feeling healthy 😇 tq doctors and the whole staff

Chaithradevi MCD

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